Friday, August 26, 2011


new addition (the crystal) to my many gold chain necklaces. i do love layering them, you see. it came from 1228, a san francisco brand ♥
the new st. vincent video is ready for all to see here. i'd embed it, but the frame is missing 1/4 of its size...
isn't she sweet?

Friday, August 19, 2011


last weekend i had work as an on-set tailor. i do that from time to time, usually for GAP, where i bring my trusty singer to a photo shoot and fit models in their clothing. this time however, was for a music video, the musician was ST. VINCENT (annie clark, by day). she was everything you wouldn't want her to be: charming, intelligent, funny, GORGEOUS. i'm a converted fan. i won't give away details or post photos until the video is out, so in the meantime here is another st. vincent video by the same company, terri timely:

in tune with being perfect, annie (we're on a first-name basis now), has charming style. her clothes are simple, and well made, and her accessories the same. she wears minimal jewelry, one permanent item being a st. christopher charm passed down through her family, and the other a crystal pendent necklace. since i saw the crystal, i'm hell-bent on finding one for myself. annie's was clear, which i think is what i want, but they come in so many colors. if you're also searching, they're rampant on etsy, along with semi-precious stones:

taking it to the limit: gold-dipped crystals from laura lombardi at pigeon toe

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


jump-starting a rusty blog is hard. a lot has happened since i last wrote, so to save us both the pain of going over details, i'll go the children's book route rather than the novel. all pictures!
ali & i decided to close the sewing studio. sad, yes but exciting too. we're both moving on to bigger and better things that would not have come about without that inner circle has increased by one baby, and a handful of pups. in descending order: leo james, isabel, aesop. i attended a wedding at the lawrence hall of science.i went to a beach house.
i'm creating a line of jewelry and handbags. i have a few boutiques interested, we'll see.
other than that, i'm enjoying summer and living like a tourist in my own city.
all photos taken by me with my lame iphone.