Saturday, May 29, 2010

goodbye cool guy

one of my favorite actors (the scene with him and christopher walken in true romance?!), i'm pretty sad about dennis hopper right now...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my own tribal bag

while traipsing through the wonderland that is britex fabrics, i happened upon some amazing leather swatches, $3 each, and decided to make my own tribal bucket bag. my fingers pulled and tugged and stitched with a mind of their own, happy to work on something that isnt delicate and nuptially-intended. there was lots of hand-stitching, particularly the braided trim on the sides that hides the seams. the tassels are fringe that i stitched one corner to the end of the braid, wrapped as tight as i could get around and secured with another few stitches. then i wrapped that in a strip of leather. leather is amazing because you can manipulate it, it doesn't unravel, and it always looks cool. which is more than i can say about my calloused hands after all that handiwork...i'm thrilled with the end result, which took a few nights to reach, and even happier than if i bought one of those darn ol' marc jacobs bags...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ADAM fall 2010

i'm working on my vows, friends, and thought it time to take a break. this wedding is taking place next sunday, a week from today. in the weeks that follow i'll return to my blog whole-heartedly, posting photos of chiffon and feather flowers, my dress that took at least 30 hours to make, pretty maids all in a row, martha-worthy table settings, and a shiny new husband!!
in the meantime, let's oggle the ADAM fall 2010 collection... i'd dare say, i would wear every single outfit. spring has yet to rear it's petaled head in san francisco, so i can't help but salivate over the fleece, leather and boots ADAM has swirled in with sequins. i foresee inspired sewing projects in the near future.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


the dress is DONE! hallelujah, amen. i contemplated a big reveal post, but thought it better to save that for the real day, just two more weeks until may 30. so here's a teaser... better than nothing, right?

Monday, May 10, 2010

marc jacobs

i've had my eyes glued to ebay for a vintage leather tribal bucket bag, with hopes of bringing one on my honeymoon to banff, canada (sidenote: any readers that can spare a moment, please share some pointers on driving in canada). since my search for a tribal bucket bag proved fruitless, marc jacobs took it upon himself to design my dream bag. what a guy...
going the extra nine yards, he's also designed a matching other fashion-y news, i've nearly finished my dress. all the hair-pulling details are finished (zipper, hemming, buttons), and i can now place my feathery flowers which should be DONE tonight. i will check in with photos soon...