Monday, September 28, 2009

sunday monday

i slept most of the weekend, as i seem to be harboring "the bug" (i've had a stubborn lump in my throat for a week). however, i did sneak out for a bit sunday to hang with summa my lady friends. first, i watched ashley and cameron make raspberry lemonade. believe me, it tastes as good as it looks ;)
then tianna and julian picked us up for a faux fur hunt downtown. H&M has some really nice versions, this one is my fave as modeled by T. very similar to ashleys. but i think top shop undoubtedly has the best, hands photos by ashley*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

its the time of the season

for just a moment, lets forget about the bomb mackenzie philips dropped on oprah, and turn to the new W magazine. the 'art and commerce' spread, shot by inez van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin, is blowing my mind. i scanned a 'few' of my favorites, please excuse the unavoidable gutter...
all the layering (thank god its fall), candy colors and textures, i'm back to being the wistful pre-teen dazzled by flashy fashion mags. the shoot took place at various art galleries around paris, and stars raquel zimmermann and feja beha erichsen...

Monday, September 21, 2009

roman holiday

my inner lady prevailed this weekend. i tried on wedding gowns saturday morning, with anna and rebecca (merely for inspiration, as i plan on sewing my own with mom's help); went fabric shopping at britex, where i bought a vintage baby bouquet of silk daisies; and traipsed around sephora, where i helped myself to a pink nars lipstick called roman holiday... the girly girl stops here though. i am planning an ann demeulesmeester blouse with black and white and droopyness all over...

Friday, September 18, 2009

california uber alles

i haven't felt this strong an urge to dye my hair blue since 6th grade when i saw billie joe armstrong's smurfed-out hair in rolling stone. my solution was crayola marker-ing strands of my own, resulting in a collar of colors on my white uniform polo. i love proenza schouler, too many reasons to list, but i feel an afinity for this particular collection. the surf/skate/punk elements combined are so west coast...
proenza schouler SP'10

Monday, September 14, 2009

wedding photos

one of my nearest and dearest was hitched this weekend, to a fine strapping young man. the best part was how involved all us friends were, resulting in every detail being executed with love. so i thought i'd share some of my shots. i made the gown, restructuring an old one and making new additions. i'm rather pleased with how it turned out, and i think its recipient looked GORRRRGEOUS, i couldn't take my eyes off her the whole night. time well spent...
my bridesmaid dress & the wedding gownbeautificationhand-made feather hair peiece by lisahiding-out in the bridal room
waiting for our que (that's me second from left, trying to hold down lunch...)a tear jerker....candy tableambiance

Friday, September 11, 2009

i like what you've done here

window shopping, i found that pixie market has my kind of shoes for fall. i have two pairs of western skimmers, that are right below the ankle. they're comfortable, they slip on, the go with EVERYTHING (according to me). i've been looking for a higher, more fem version of them lately, without going the full cowboy boot, just a bit over the ankle. the versions on pixie markets are beautiful, my favorite (and already sold-out) being these 4-buckle boots. very chloe sevigny for opening ceremony:the shoes i bought and am quite pleased with (including the price). i have to say, i found these due to obsessing over siri's at ringo, have a banana. i tried to find some on ebay, to no avail, then hit up my trusty boot barn. dingo! my new dingos...this weekend will be a blast, as the wedding gown i've been working on will finally make its way down the aisle, with my friend megan in it! i've been meaning to take photos but haven't had time, so i will post some when i get back. happy weekend!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

long weekend recap

a perfect labor day weekend. went garage-saling, did some sewing, took in an elizabeth taylor movie, listened to dad's records, ate lots of home-cooked meals, and SLEPT IN. i dare say, alameda has the best garage sales i've been to. spoils as follows:
monogrammed locket, i thought it especially sweet due to the 'P' (for paul), $5, a little more because it was an estate sale
rayon blouse with lace detailing in front and crystal buttons behind, $1.50vintage wedges for $2much to my delight, mom and dad re-discovered a stash of their old records at my grandparent's. on constant rotation was the butterfield blues band's east west. i listened to it easily 10 times while i was sewing, mary mary being my favorite track. i bought it for $6.99 on itunes this morning, as dad refused to lend it to me...
elizabeth taylor and van johnson star in the last time i saw paris. costumes are phenomenal (i missed some of the best while scrambling to get my camera); based on F. scott fitzgerald 's tragic (of course) short story babylon revisited...
another red cape. i think the next time i go fabric shopping, which wont be after a few more paychecks, i will look into red velvet for my faux cape with armholes...

Friday, September 4, 2009

fair friday

perusing for some weekend inspiration, i stumbled upon vionnet's spring resort collection. the line is now masterminded by rodolfo paglialunga (who was once part of miuccia's team at prada). the colors and fabrics used are EXACTLY what i'm looking to work with right now. the focal point is on texture and draping, the latter being quite intimidating though i've dabbled in it here and there... the whole collection is exceptional, and while i tried to narrow it down, i ended up with a plethora of favorites (that word always reminds me of the 3 amigos), my absolute fav being the red cape-like top. i've been thinking of ways to fake a cape, since i like the safety of an actual armhole, but the draping is so romantic. vionnet's version reminds me of a regal red riding hood...