Friday, April 1, 2011

april fool

sometimes i remember i have a blog, and that i need to post something on here, even if the frequency of posts averages out to once a month. my excuse? oh, nothing more than opening a sewing studio/store (applause)!! my friend ali and i have opened our sewing studio, the bull & the bear, and are cranking out designs to fill it with. slowly but surely we're making our connections, and opportunities have started to come our way. i've focused my energy on crocheted jewelry and leather handbags, and ali on flowy gowns, shirts, and kimono-inspired jackets. my hands hurt, my neck aches from hunching over, so this weekend i'm escaping to big sur, and will post again soon. my goal is to do a better job of documenting our store :)ali & mejumble of iphotos by kamma shallenberger, ali & me.