Friday, October 29, 2010

like a security blanket

when i was little and felt a burning desire to wear the same green turtleneck, navy blue sweatpants, and black chuck taylors every day, it wasn't because i didn't have anything else to wear. far from it. my closet was chock-full of other skater dude/ pacific sun merchandise. but the combo made me feel stealth, ready to climb the pine trees that grew in the middle of my street. i climbed to the top every weekend (nearly fell out of one too, saved by a primate-like leg dangle i didn't know i was capable of...) eesh, i've turned into a rambler. anyway, i get the same power surge from certain outfits now, but when did it become socially unacceptable to wear your favorite outfit everyday? today's was a favorite, one i may wear as soon as day after favorite vintage leather jacket won from ebay, vintage belt from mom's closet, pleated high-waist skirt thrifted, shoes by jeffrey campbell, circle scarf made by me. autumn has taken residence, no indian summer this year guys, so i'm fancying warmer outfits.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


mourning locket from erica weiner jewelry. spooky inclusion of human hair...

Monday, October 18, 2010

girl gang portraits


a fun and challenging project indeed, here are the final shots of our book club 'spooky girl' portrait photo shoot....
art direction/photography: ashley
set & costume styling: me
hair & make-up: megan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S2010 favorites

everyone's doing it, so i thought i'd follow suit. unintentionally my choices are all based on whether i'm inspired to make similar pieces. i think that's always been the way i take to certain styles. in fact, a few of the looks are close to what i have in mind for future projects... but i digress. the following are three of what i think were the best, so without further babbling:
very darling. the models walked right off the compound. i love all the lace, particularly the collars.pucci
it's supposed to be his spring line, but peter dundas designed some gowns i'd wear to holiday parties as my parallel-universe-socialite-self... how bad-ass are those boots??
MVP: rochas
i had to do two collages, one for the depression-era menswear and house dress silhouettes, one for the amazing gowns. i loved everything: the cuts, the patterns, the golden and lavender hues, the make-up, the sheer hosiery with heeled oxfords and sandals...there were so many glorious looks to choose from, it was difficult to narrow them down.collages by me, with help from photoshop.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

my city

ashley, in vintage sweater glorya girl in union square that has my (dream) hairview from union squareview from the amsterdam café, followed up with some bob's donuts...

Friday, October 1, 2010

nice trip, have a good fall..

summer stopped by a few days here in san francisco, and who knows, she may rear her flighty head again. in the meantime though, the air is crisper, and leaves are turning to gold. which is fine by me, as my cozytime activities are taking over. one such is this baby quilt i just finished for mr. august miller cockrel, born september 10. it is constructed with pieces of vintage fabric (the bar cloth, the gingham), and some cozy baby-friendly material, like soft gray velvet. in keeping with quilting tradition, the patterns chosen are symbolic: the palm pattern for florida, where dad is from, the gingham for maine, where mom is from, and the gray velvet for the san francisco fog, where baby is from...
more projects to be posted! and a few new items in the in the shop...
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