Monday, October 26, 2009

etsy delivery

i was perusing suzy's etsy shop and happened upon this candy apple red skirt. being that i had extra money in my paypal account, i helped myself and was glad i did because the package it came in made my WEEK. the most darling package i ever got: she packed a special postcard and handkerchief, and the tag was even detailed with special stitching from the machine...
the red is so saturated, i could eat the thing. worn with vintage wood necklace, acne pumps, and a generous application of blush...thanks suzy ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

broke as a joke

so my machine up and died on me. mid-project. the foot isn't feeding the material, and i have cleaned the bobbin area and re-strung the thread till the cows came home.
so i thought i'd post a few projects i made, and one i'm in the midst of... first up, a slight A-line blouse i made from warm purpley pink plaid flannel. originally i wanted to make a long-sleeved blouse but there was not enough to go around. i prefer the cap sleeves, and my favorite part is the zipper in back. it makes me feel a wee edgy.
a simple tote, made from a gray tweed weave and blue leather straps
my beloved southwestern coat, finish date TBD. mom had cut this out for dad to wear hunting, i would like to guess maybe 15 years ago? its been in our project closet for a while, and i took it out, with mom's blessing and re-cut it to my size. i plan on having a zip closure so the front pattern lines up. there are hidden pockets, and the lining is going to be navy blue...
sad. i guess i could hand-stitch all the rest... ugh.
i may soon resort to an outfit post and more wish lists. pray for me.
all photos taken by me, enhanced by poladroid

Thursday, October 15, 2009

mood board

sue ellen necklace from charm & chain, $300
while perusing my favorite image arsenal (them thangs) for the billionth time, i was inspired (anyone with a pulse would be) to do a post on relevant items, fashion-oriented, of course, over-layed on some of my favorite images. it being fall, i'm consumed with foliage, pilgrims and indians, and spooky stuff. i came up with this assortment of items:
keith makes blankets look cool. cool keith.
lindsey thornburg
red mendoza cloak, $966
less charm bracelet, $1503.1 philip lim dress, $675i love this photo. a white fur hat? for a dude? nothing but wicked... rhinestone studded black leather purse by antik batik, $345wendy brandes onyx skull ring, price upon request
i'm quite taken with the faux fur as i've said before, and just purchased a huge piece of lilac fofer with which to make my own bomber jacket...
faux fur hood from UO, $48
ASOS iridescent feather clutch, £25booties from anthropologie, $178

Monday, October 12, 2009


just had some photoshop fun with my new crush. $1000 price tag aside, they'd be PERRRFECT wedding shoes, right? RIGHT?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

thank you rebecca

for introducing me to sallie...sallie ford & the sound outside, photos found on flickr...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

sewing project

feeling as though i've not been the best seamstress i could be, i made a simple blouse this weekend and wore it to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the pattern is very simple, though i misjudged the v-neck depth and modestly stitched up a few inches. the top seam of the front and back are both gathered, knocking out the necessity for boob darts. i used a vintage bill blass fabric that i've been wanting to use for years, along with vintage snowflake buttons. i have a blouse like this from gap and have seen a few at urban outfitters, and i think its the perfect design for something feminine without resorting to frills and lacey camisoles...
shout out to little boat: your skirt is at the top of my list ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

friday fantastic

the above image i took last year around this time, i'm in an autumnal mood, though san francisco is having a summery moment. its totally tame compared to the images below, but i like it all the same.
i feel like its a cop out to blog about other blogs, but paul sent me a link yesterday that is perpetually blowing my mind, it belongs to a designer by the name of justin blythe. probably one of the most provocative photo compilations, i think the fact someone is privy to such images is equally as amazing as the images themselves. but that's the internet for ya... some of my favs: