Friday, April 30, 2010


TGIF, my friends, tgif... this weekend i will ideally finish my wedding gown, make a ring-bearer pillow, hem a bridesmaid dress, and practice guitar. here are some enchanting photos of karen elson from vogue nippon to start things off right...
currently listening to bonnie prince billy...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1, 2, 3

reasons to wear a motorcycle jacket...they will always exude cool.
top image from sartorialist, middle from jak and jil, bottom from flickr...

Monday, April 19, 2010


i've never really delved into the throes of etsy vintage shops until recently. though i have an empty shop account (re-listing items that dont sell bums me out), i went to ebay for vintage. ironically, i always shopped in the 'buy now' section. no longer!
items that chided my ebay loyalty:
long wool cape poncho from dirtiebirdiesvintagevintage leather ankle boots from purevintageclothing
striped batwing blouse form philistinevintagepink evening bag with gold chain from erstwhilevintagestrapless black and white frilly dress from misskittypurrpurrvintage ferragamo sude and leather heels with gold nail head decoration from littleoceanannie

Friday, April 16, 2010

the spinecrackers

the phililettes, the philipines top all girl band in the 60s...
the loves of my life, pending husband aside, are my girl friends in my book club, the spinecrackers. we are all creatives who get together to share a word or two about the current book we've read, but mostly to spew all sorts of ideas onto one another. our last book club meeting we shared art projects, i performed a song (apple blossom by the white stripes), high school journals were read, there were costumes donned and photos taken to document.
with my musically inclined friend and fellow spinecracker tate at the helm, we've decided to start a girl group. our inspiration will be 60s girl groups and daniel johnston, our objective, simplicity and fun. aside from the wedding, its one of the projects i'm most excited about...
the line-up: ashley, tianna, tate, megan, myself.
currently listening to the trogg's a girl like you...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

alison mosshart

while on my afternoon stroll along the tourist-riddled embarcadero, i caught a glimpse of the most fantastic black-suede-with-gold-stud jacket i've ever seen. it was walking towards fisherman's wharf. as i increased my speed to examine it closer, i realized who it belonged to: alison mosshart! being an avid kills and dead weather fan, i was delighted at the chance to talk (mostly about fashion) with such a polite, beautiful, mysterious and insanely talented woman. i'm happy to say i maintained my cool long enough to stroll with her about 10 minutes. her friend designed the suede jacket, and i've already forgotten the name of it dammit... anyway, she shook my hand! gush gush gush yada yada yada...tomorrow is the dead weather show at the fillmore, i'll be lining up with the rest of the teenagers at 6pm. weeee!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

biding my time

mondays i'm always fried, being that sewing, visiting, eating and sleeping don't fit into a two day window, though lord knows i try. this past attempt had me cramming a styling job (officially my first), a birthday, sewing, and a hike, into one stormy weekend. no rest in sight, lo and behold, as this week i have a few shows, a few more birthdays, a spinal adjustment and a meeting with the spine crackers (my bookclub). i'll sleep when i'm dead. i'll post more in the afterlife.
*photo by paul at morrow rock
listening to the song 'spirit in the sky' by norman greenbaum (on repeat) and kelley stoltz

Thursday, April 8, 2010

english gems

bitty gems from my two favorite clothing sites, topshop and all saints, and one from delia's for good measure (the dominant label in my teen wardrobe)... all saints is the most affordable substitute for vivienne westwood for a modestly-financed kid like me. their draping and tailoring in not-so-conventional fabrics and prints are perfect for my feminine tomboy preferences. topshop will always seem cooler than H&M because san francisco doesn't have one. and shopping on is like rifling through the sale rack, finding something you wouldn't normally wear but its so damn cheap you do buy it anyway.
dress and suede shoes from all saints, purse from topshop, t-shirt from delia'scurrently listening to sallie ford & the sound outside.