Thursday, March 25, 2010

hello again

my name is bridezilla and i eat, drink, breathe anything wedding. not really, that's just how i feel lately. this monster that is my looming nuptials has created a thick fog where i can't really focus on anything but making chiffon flowers for my dress and worrying whether 2 cones or 3 cones of rolled sheet music decorations are needed per pew in the chapel. i feel pretty isolated. at least i got all the invitations out on schedule. i'm quite pleased with how they turned out:aside from all that, which will be over soon anyway, i thought i'd share my longings and desires for spring, in clothing form. i am going to banff, canada for my honeymoon, and i'm crossing my fingers that i get to wear warm, dainty clothes. my plan is to lounge around scenic areas like lake louise. no activities just yet, i'll probably be a hot mess of raw nerves and hangover. in conjunction with the clothes, i'm using cecily brown paintings as backdrops. i hope this doesn't come off as disrespectful, i love her paintings, i want to crawl inside the buzzing swirling floating petals of color. so mixing the clothes and art together is like a milkshake of visuals...
the girl who had everything; jacket by vivienne westwood red label, silk shorts by D&Gdemaris satin & lace bra, albertus swanepoel fedora;
heart necklace by mawi, kova & T striped dress, vionnet satin sandals
yellow umbrella from topshop, swimsuit by rosa chàhigh society; grevy's wedges from anthropologie, manoline watlin cape dresscurrently listening to black mountain...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i am ALIVE!

i finally understand the burst of joie de vivre people get from alcohol. liquid courage! that cliff right there? jump it you say? hold please, after i take a swig of courage juice, yes it has now become a ditch. after a few glasses of wine, i got an adventurous spark in my bones, and i decided, no, my hands decided as they took on a life of their own, to make this fur COLLAR!! laugh now, but you'll see you cant escape its force. i don't know why i haven't thought of it before, but this little beaut is magic! take an ordinary coat, any coat really, tack this thing on, and it breathes a whole new spirit into the thing.
trenches look beguiling, sweaters more admirable,denim more approachable.
so easy to make, and i have five giant safety pins holding it in place. this collar goes with everything!! not to mention LEATHER. i let my hair down for this one. this was a minor project, craft more than sewing really, a rebellious break from that all-consuming prima donna, THE GOWN. 'til next time, Kemosabe...
p.s. meet my new best friend, Nars' Schiap.