Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i went down to paso robles this weekend, and decided to post my findings. spring is alive and well, eat your heart out punxsutawney phil...
louie, my favorite animal.
deers were cuddling...dears were cuddling...
and then BAM!! some creep photos i took at night...i swear i've got some sewing projects on my horizon, soon to photograph and post inspiration. in the meantime, another creative endeavor: practicing guitar...

Friday, February 19, 2010

furry friends friday

this weekend i'm venturing into a more rural part of california to enjoy nature, rile up a border collie named louie, practice guitar, sketch some new sewing projects, go bowling, and any other cool envious thing you can think of ;)
have a wonderful weekend!!
photograph by the whimsical jessica tremp; currently can't get enough of queens of the stone age's self titled album

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VD, girls, and flappers

the long weekend was generous, with a helping of family and friends on top of my valentines day treat: seeing Girls perform at the great american. they were wonderful. paul describes them as love music, and i definitely feel like i'm in a kaleidoscope when listening to their echoing happy beats. the great american was the perfect venue too, as it's old timey and romantic, and small enough to create that intimate vibe between audience and artist. just SO good.
unfortunately i took zero pictures, so i'm going to throw something at ya to distract ya: my val threw a 1920s themed birthday party, where i danced a fiendish FOUR HOURS! she played miley cyrus' party in the usa... everyone looked dazzling, i wish i could dress like this everyday.
the birthday girl and i. her dress was amazing, covered in silver sequins, and her HAIR had this beaded feathery thing, she was ravishing. you wont get the full effect, as i nabbed these off facebook... damn.get a LOAD of megan's satin trousers. she was summoning the spirit of madonna's en vogue look. she was smokin, and was my die hard dance shot after a round of group shotsi'm obviously only friends with very attractive people. side note to all you nail polish lovers: that greeny teal color i got at forever 21 for $2.80!!!! do yourself a favor and go there, its a cheap pick-me-up. like your mom. i kid, i kid.
photos by val & dave :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i have hundreds of photos of this guy, and can't seem to get enough of him...xo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh no

so sad... i feel as though a slew of influential individuals have been dying lately. howard zinn, j.d. salinger, charlie wilson, and now alexander mcQueen. very unnerving...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

handmade flowers

as far as nuptial plans go, slow and steady seems to be my motto. paul and i have regroup meetings (as seen above) where we talk table linens and the latest must-add to our to-do list. who knew about cake-cutting fees?? anyway, the one item i have complete control over is the dress. as i've said before, i've decided to make my wedding gown. though i'm thrilled, i don't want to post too many photos of the dress, as i want it to be a surprise for those fortunate fools lucky enough to attend the festivities (like i'm willy wonka. the SNOZberries..) so in an attempt to share but not spoil, this is the process that i've streamlined of making the flowers for my gown, though it does come off as rinky-dink:
first, grab one of the flower patterns martha "made" and "posted" on her wedding site, (which has been my svengali in planning). cut out at least 15 flowers, i think i did about 20. next, and this is all me not martha, string them along a thread over the stove where you can steam the sins out of them. i decided to take this extra step because i'm using chiffon which is so smooth bunching was NOT happening. the steam fluffs the silk like humidity fluffs my hair.thoroughly hang dry. hanging them upside down while they're still damp creates a petal-like fold in the silk...thread them together with feathers sandwiched in every 5 layers or so. and voila!! my plan is to make a strand of them in varying sizes to drape over my shoulder in a most dramatic fashion...

Friday, February 5, 2010

happy fried egg

since the big lebowski, i have been a serious jeff bridges fan. i've watched the last picture show enough to echo his lines, and crazy heart slew me. he's a dazzling thespian, and i have an old man crush on him... mom, i know you have my back on this one. few people know, however, that he is also an avid photographer. after creeping around his radical website, i grabbed a few photos to show off on my modest soap box. these were taken from the set of crazy heart, which if you haven't seen please do me a solid and check it out. there's lots more where those came from...the website has one of the coolest site designs around, all handwritten and minimal. he also has published a book of his photos, for which he has done a book tour. friend and fellow bridges-admirer shane went to and got this souvenir...
more seamstress-related posts soon... happy weekend!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


oh, vionnet. balancing feminine with edgy! modern with vintage! your boots are wicked cool, not to mention the respectful way you use the color red. all the mixed patterns and simple color palette is perfect. i loved the collection so much, i couldn't decide which to choose so i bought them all! uh, posted them all... the jacket at below left is one of my favorite parts of the collection.