Monday, June 29, 2009

homecoming queens

just when i was feeling sorry for myself that i wasn't still in nashville, i was reminded of how special san francisco is, as this weekend was PRIDE!! i missed out on the parade, as i couldn't drag myself out of bed any faster, but i did get down to the civic center area where i ran into good food, happy people, and some charming queens. i wore my new vintage tea dress, purchased at local honey vintage in nashville. sigh...
notice: the pink triangle on the hilli loved these ladies' shirts "when can i vote on your marriage?"
megan capturing a sequined dancer on favorite drag queen of the day...of course there were cheerleaders!i forget her name, but apparently she's on rupal's drag race...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

end of the road

its nearly time to bid farewell to my wayfaring ways and sink back into the life of a weekend warrior... update since last blog:
i've seen plenty, including belligerent big-rig drivers, adorable livestock, ancient cemeteries, sweet grandma shopkeepers... chicago where i ate the best pizza, saw the art institute (i was face to face with american gothic and nighthawk!!) also where i ran into lexie from little boat!! (always an interesting experience to see a fellow blogger, i immediately hug them as though we've been freinds then realize i should hold off on physical contact.... was in memphis, where i checked out beale street, ate corky's bbq, and went on tours of sun records and graceland. i love live blues bands and wish to go back when its not 100 degrees and humid... which finds me in nashville. oh nashville, it was love at first site. i love the honky tonk bars, and how music is everywhere. i even checked out jack white's record store (i developed the jitters, even though he wasn't there). i have one more full day, have been checking out recommendations (thank you lexie!! i love fido and the loveless cafe!!) i will most certainly be back, maybe in a cooler month...
a mike in the sun records studios, where elvis made his first recording...staircase in graceland; it was an amazing tour, what a generous sweet guy who loved his mamai grabbed the steering wheel and we stopped here for a cup of coffee and a slice of pecan piewhite stripes headquartersone of the most comfortable dresses i've made; its been hot down here but i love it! time to throw a sweater on once we land in sf.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


writing from des moines, IA right now. not much to report here... thus far have seen the morman temple, mt. rushmore, the vast paradise that is wyoming, and john wayne's birthplace. on my way to chicago, then memphis, then nashville... i've kept my outfits simple, cotton all the way, since its been humid as ever. in fact, its rained much of the trip with thunder and lighting, but i dont think its ever gotten colder than 65. i'm totally spoiled in san fran... tomorrow paul and i are probably going to the art institute, and take in other various chicagoian sites. gobama! will write more soon.
the 'worlds largest arch made of elk antlers'watching the river flow in wyomingobama in rapid city, south dakotalured to the infamous Wall Drugtore in wall, south dakota, where one may find taxidermied deer buttmarion morrison (aka john wayne) childhood home. rio grande is one of my favorites...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

chasing white lines on the freeway

i am leaving on a road trip in a few days, and have been finishing up projects here and there (necklace, quilt, skirts...) ahhh! haven't even begun to pack yet. my comrade for life paul, and myself, will be slinking through california, nevada, utah, wyoming, south dakota, iowa, illinois, kentucky, and tennessee until we reach our glorious destination of nashville! i'm a sucker for geography, and CANT WAIT to see the diverse landscapes (and weather too). yellowstone, mt. rushmore, badlands, and the kitschy glamour of nashville... that's what I'M talking about. i am going home tonight with the intention of packing, at least starting it. it should be warm once i leave the bubble of san francisco right? its summer somewhere.... i've included some pictures i found on flickr, with some pieces of clothing i find suitable for the trip. enjoy!
sunglasses from fredflare; boy by band of outsiders trenchnarciso rodriguez dress; sandals from f-troupe; cutler & gross leather trim sunglasses landver spike ring; all saints purse celestina cuffs; frye engineer boot j.crew swimsuit; ach ach liebling ringp.s. any recommendations for stops are always welcome ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

new new new

my rachel comey for urban outfitters sandals came! i love them!! it took them eons to get to me, but it was well worth the wait. they really are comfortable, and they will accompany me on my road trip to nashville, which i leave for on the 14th (shout-out to all for any nashville recomends!! or places between sf and tennessee) once the weather warms up, i will pair them with filmy tea dresses, cotton skirts and maybe some well-loved cut-offs...what's a friday without a silly picture? of me and my boyfriend, er, fiance... always jumping at the chance to ham it up in front of my camera. happy friday guys!! xo scurrenty listening to huey lewis and the news 'do you believe in love'

Monday, June 1, 2009


i was looking through old mags i have stacked in my closet, and not surprisingly caught myself studying more than a few marc jacobs peices. the bright colors, and deliberate seams and cuts. this feels like me, i thought. i admire my contemporaries who can wear the drop crotches, all-over jersey, fluid look; but not me, not with these american thighs (that seem to gain more thunder the more i ride my bike?). worry not friends, this isn't a whoa-is-me entry. i just know what works on me, and i've trained myself to create such. in fact, i started working on another high-waisted tulip skirt, in royal blue. i love primary colors right now, so summery. i thought i would share with you my favorites from erdem's line, which exemplifies the cut and color i'm currently obsessed with...