Thursday, July 29, 2010

confectionary endeavors

i used to carry a guilt in my stomach anytime i'd look through a cookbook. yea right, i'd think. i'm never going to make any of these delightful dishes. i just don't have that natural intuition in the kitchen. that was then.
i received a williams-sonoma baking book for a wedding gift, and after pilfering through the pages, i decided to make the most involved recipe: the black forest cake. i began with separating nine eggs, on to whipping whites, reducing raspberries and sugar into a syrup, and finished with shaving chocolate sprinkles... and voila! i've baked away my culinary insecurities.
savoring the slice.breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next week...

Monday, July 26, 2010


i have been in a total 70's mood as of late, watching breezy, purchasing a wildly printed polyester dress, looking to carly simon for sartorial guidance. so i was quite pleased when i happened upon, and saw the rose crochet fishtail dress. theres a black jersey version, but who am i kidding, it doesn't even come close to the white crochet. anyone considering marriage should consider this dress. it's too late for me...

Friday, July 23, 2010


i would liken the guilt one feels about not posting on their blog to not flossing. its really only hurting yourself, but who has the time? well, i woke up with stifling guilt, and thought it time to check in. like confession? geez, can you tell i'm catholic...?
a few weeks ago, i celebrated my last day at the office to pursue sewing projects i had piling up, and have been running around maniacally trying to bring these to fruition, in between visits to museums and with friends. not to mention trying to start a girl band. anyway, i realized to be a respectable artisan, i would need a respectable work place. two ikea trips later, this is the result:key phrase: utilize the space. i can't stop smiling, i'm so pleased with our 'office.' paul mounted his guitars and took over the space on the left, and i the right. the branches in the corner are from our wedding. after two months i finally went down to the florist who has been so kindly storing these and upon pick-up, told katherine i'd like to volunteer my services in the shop. this short time i have off, i want to learn a few new things, be it arranging flowers, or rolling posters for sfgirlbybay...
the bookcase for my odds and ends, and jack white and mom for inspiration.on to the projects. i was obsessed with finding a tribal bucket bag a while back and ultimately made my own. well, a friend of a friend is interested in selling them in a shop in santa barbara, so i've been gathering bits to assemble a few sparkling new versions. the leather is from britex and discount fabrics here in san francisco...newbie on the left, original on the right.the last two: i'm working on a bicycle hat prototype with a friend. i love the last one, though the middle seam is too high and makes kind of a horn on the forehead. its cute nonetheless. last but not least is this tea dress. i wanted it to look like it was vintage, with haphazard and delicate seams. i'm not sure how to finish off the sleeves, which is why it's taking so long. that is all my friends!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

woweeee wow wow

i know i'm way late in applauding this, but damn what a killer follow up to the tie-dyed surfer collection... i want everything, and will probably try to re-create few pieces.
proenza schouler fall 2010.