Monday, March 30, 2009


i'm really diving head first into spring. i've made my fair share of floral dresses, and have a few more floating around in my head. included is a photo of one of my favorite bolts of cotton floral fabric, i believe its of garage sale origin.
me with my body double, gertie, i'm wearing a dress i made last year. that fabric, which i'm sure is rayon, is also of garage sale origin. on the right: i figured out how to do this pleat the other day by chance. i'm afraid to un-pin it and lose it of the dresses i plan on making...currently listening to emmylou harris' class, elite hotel;
and just won these on ebay ;) don't worry mom that's it i swear....
xo sarah beth

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring post (long)

for the moment, lets play the 'if i were rich' game. also known as the 'if i won the lottery' game. i wanted to do this with a spring wardrobe (i've been playing with floral fabrics lately, and have some designs in mind), so i chose a few pieces i would wear to a spring event, like easter. i kept my choices relatively modest for having just won the lottery, but anyway...i would raid the all saints site, grab me some shoes, and find some wicked jewelry.
emerald cut necklace from giles & brother; caryl necklace from all saints
galia mack and ditzy ezra dress by all saints
papina small tote, alawa gloves, holiday sunglasses all by all saints; loeffler randall mabel platformsi've also been meaning to gush about the floral headpiece spread in W magazine (shot by mario sorrenti, styled by camilla nickerson; featuring eniko mihalik & lara stone). the models are gorgeous, the clothes divine. but really, i love the hair and makeup and would wear wreaths like this if i had the chance...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


this is my 50th post. i made a sketch/scan/cut-out/collage to commemorate the occasion. i really just wanted to make a mixed media piece, and feel pretty pleased with the results. i love bob, liz, and jack respectively. the red dress in the center is a design i've been planning out in my head for some time. i think the bustle-like pieces will be on the sides only (no backside got enough bustle there) and will have hidden pockets. definitely made in red.
and to top it off: a few outfits. showcasing my new durangos, what i've decided is the tomboy's ballet flat. on the left with jeans, on the right with a vintage geoffrey beene shirt dress i got at crossroads. i have it in my head that they go with everything. i may or may not have persuaded you hesitants, but i love them, especially the sound they make on hardwood floor...
collage consists of scan, sketch, stitch, and photoshop*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

shut UP

i've already suscribed to their newsletter...
p.s. i bought these friday from the boot barn. i normally avoid any establishment with the word "barn" in it, i.e. the dress barn, nobody wants to feel like a cow. but for these i made an exception...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

old and new again

i've been fortunate enough to inherit some ripe goodies from my grandma, this necklace included. blouse is from urban outfitters, i think last year, and i love him. i have so many clothes (certainly not bragging about it, the tone of that is comparable to "i have to take out the garbage"), and this guy was mashed between plaid flannels...
after waltzing around H&M with at least 6 items of clothing pinched in my arms, my inner jimminiy cricket kicked in and i zeroed in on these guys.
new shoes from H&M; necklace inherited from grandma
worn with jeans and a smirk.

Monday, March 9, 2009

the birds and the bees

this weekend consisted of glorious spring weather and lots of outdoor loitering. paul and i checked out treasure island's facilities as possible wedding venues on saturday and hung out on our apt. roof. sunday we kicked around the mission and enjoyed the world's best burritos, after which we made our way to a seamstress' promised land: discount fabric on 11th (there was a mountain of leather guys, and not just measly scraps either!!) i went home, put on the kill's midnight boom for the gazillionth time and launched into a special project for misha at dusty dress...

Friday, March 6, 2009

happy friday

i thought i would leave you with one of my favorites from my inspiration folder. this photo represents everything i love about getting dressed. the medley of colors and patterns get me pumped, and the length of the skirt/dress is ladylike and darling. i feel like people may view her the way they do modern art in a museum, the ol "my kid could do that" disposition. it takes a well-trained eye to mix fabrics folks, and no your six year old doesn't have that talent. enjoy and happy weekend!!
photo from the sartorialist from ages ago...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

thrifts & screens

i'm rather excited about a few things: first, my saturday trip to the world's finest and most secret thrift store where i picked up a leather skirt, a gold blouse with elastic cuffs and waistband, and mary-janes. i also had found a red suede gucci pencil skirt which i handed over to my mom.. she looks good in red, and it just didn't fit me tight enough hahasecond: i had some shirts professionally silk-screened with one of my designs. originally i made it for a friend that had just gotten engaged, and i had used spray-paint. the paint came off in the wash, so at her suggestion i had a few made professionally and will post them on my etsy site... so if you or anyone you know is getting hitched buy them a shirt! i myself cant wait to be a wife, i think its charming and romantic. and though i try to keep this strictly a fashion/sewing blog, i may post a few photos of gown ideas soon, i am making my dress after all... anyhow, enjoy the photos!!
xo s

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sunday sunday

the weekend felt like one long day, what with the rain and all. friday i went to a warriors game with brother (god almighty they lost with a second and a half left?!), saturday went thrift store shopping with mom (of which i will post photos of later) and today paul and i went to a craft store where i went wild in the diorama section. something about mini landscapes just gets me going. as soon as i got home i cut into an old shoe box, and began gluing things down. i went with a wilderness scene for my first diorama, and continued to play with, ahem, dolls for the second. a perfect rainy day activity, i dont know why i left this hobby in the 3rd grade... photos as follows.
these dollies my mom found in a box of sewing supplies at a garage sale. i think the lady she bought them from had put them in traditional scottish garb...?this storybook doll belonged to my grandma...all photos and sets by me*