Thursday, July 30, 2009

over-sized sequined sweaters

look perfect for san francisco weather. you got your warmth and you got your flair. thanks again, topshop...i cant decide which is my favorite, but it comes down to the parrot and the lips.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

amateur handbag porn

in my frustration of a fruitless handbag hunt, i decided to make my own. which is always a good thing. i learn something new each time i make a purse, and this time it was how to make an outside pocket without visible seams. i took a forsaken purse project started with the green leather, and sketched ideas in illustrator, adding black details. i then made a trip to discount fabric warehouse on 11th street for some black leather and bought a generous sized hide for $20!!! the plastic chain and metal turn-lock are from britex (a 4-story seamstress heaven). the construction of the bag was done at mom and dad's, where we have my great-grandma johnson's singer (cuts through leathuh like butta).
i printed the drawings on newsprint...i wanted to make this post count twice, as i am debuting my new acne shoes! worn with vintage top and DIY skirt, and san francisco-frizzed hair...

Friday, July 24, 2009

first day back

recently i had the immense pleasure of styling megan for her ebay store, first day back. yes, playing dress up is just as fun when you're older, especially when your doll is life-size and stunning. megan has amassed quite a collection of vintage items, and as every woman does she had to face the fact her closet needed thinning. below is the result of our hours-long play session... (take note, megan is a petite little thing so some of the clothes may seem big, but on me i'd be stretchin them seams)
an original gunne sax dress, i think she looks like jenny lewis' long lost twin.1940s housewife frockannie hall-esque jacketcropped red-velvet shellhoundstooth jacket- would be beautiful with a mini dress and bright tights...delicate 1920s shift. there are a few minor tears, but overall this dress is a dreamgray anthropologie dress, one of few non-vintage itemsher store not only has clothes, but also antique sheet music, vintage cameras and other delights...
happy friday!!! xo s

Monday, July 20, 2009

feeling square, trying to be more well-rounded

i go through phases where i feel like i HAVE to micro-manage 50 projects or else i'm not living up to my potential. lately this includes: two wedding dresses (one in progress, one i should start relatively soon-ish), planning my wedding for that matter, making jewelry, a portfolio, a handbag, some styling here and there... and a drum lesson from a real old friend.she be on the etsy too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

handbag porn

alas, the brown leather bag i ordered just the other day was crazy big, and though its the closest i'll ever come to looking proportionally like an olsen, i sent her back... which means i've been looking for a replacement. scouring hordes of websites, i've come to the conclusion that for me there exists no perfect balance of quality and quantity ($hee$h!!). i have decided, instead, to make one. in the meantime i thought i'd share some of my favorite findings. its funny because i would never choose one of these for myself. i usually go with a substantial size/shape/color, to utilize its use.
i cant seem to find the site where i found this bag, so i dub it 'studded and anonymous'...
lanvin happy satin woven bagsigerson morrison big bucket bag (have you ever seen leather so perfectly pebbled..?)henry cuir indomptable totemalaba pink drawstring pouch- i think because i've been watching ungodly amounts of sex and the city. the tassels are fabulous...PRADA.... in the end, these are what i walked away with: acne jeans above 1 shoe. they go with everything, or so i imagine...

Monday, July 13, 2009

picnic at the palace

saturday i pretended it was still my birthday and had a little picnic in the park by the palace of fine arts. my nearest and dearest came, and there were many beautiful things to eat. in typical san francisco fashion, the weather was freezing in the morning, hence my faux fur, but the sun peeked out for a few hours in the afternoon.
ashley made cookie cuttered PB&J sandwiches, like in mermaids ;)my brother jake gyllenhaal came (aka jon); i made a chocolate kahlua bundt cakekami & fen came and brought a glorious olaliberry pie, homemade of course, with hand-picked berries...megan (who let asked me to style her for the day) and morgan; cameron offering entenmann's to guestspretty, pretty gifts.nate & rebecca xo, who later brought me to a new bar in the financial disctrict called rickhouse. it was prohibition-style, with wood everything and leather-bound menus. i will certainly be going creds: ashley & me

Saturday, July 11, 2009

top notch

topshop has some extraordinary textures as of late...
bummer i spent my birthday monies on this bad boy...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

more birthday love

sorry, i had to...
photo by sophie jarry

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

birthday love

what a lovely birthday. i walked to work in the most beautiful san francisco weather wearing my new favorite dress. once at work, i was bestowed this homemade card of me as a paper doll which left me gobsmacked. the clothes are adorable, and had sweet messages on the back. not only did i get the card, but also glorious pink flowers, and a stack of beard papa cream puffs...mmmm....
after a hearty birthday meal at the german restaurant walzwerk (i had shnitzel and paul had beef roulade, SO GOOD) we hung out on the roof where i spun off some calories.i'm pooped/dizzy (not angry, as the below photo implies)... party this weekend!!
happy birthday also to anjelica houston, beck, kevin bacon, billy crudup, wolfgang puck