Wednesday, January 26, 2011


what i'm into lately:
working on my new sewing space. it's a garage in hayes valley, that apparently has never housed a car, or not for a long time. previous tenants have included a set designer and a florist. that's ali, painting the back wall gold....
john divola photography. the guy came to my college ages ago to give a presentation of his work, and i happened to be there at the lecture ages ago. i've been visiting his site for ages. his work is so california; so un-pretentious, just a guy with a camera. he's been shooting since the 1970's and has series names like 'dogs chasing my car in the desert,' or 'as far as i could get.'
and sewing. always sewing... i made ali a bag like mine (original on the left), and i made miss lexie a skirt. i hope she sends photos...
**currently listening to patience & prudence's tonight you belong to me.

Friday, January 21, 2011


i just set down patti smith's, just kids. i loved reading about a young patti, she was sweet and insecure, named her outfits, and idolized bob dylan. mesmerizing read, you don't need to be familiar with her music to enjoy the book...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


once the holidays take hold, everything else gets put on the back-burner and you side step through a whirlwind of family, friends and food. though i didn't manage to do much sewing, i did do a few creative projects over break (including family portrait christmas cards).
my friends adrienne and lia are musicians, and asked me if i wouldn't mind shooting some promo shots for them. i obliged, as these would be great for my portfolio, and spent two lovely days playing dress-up around my apartment and setting my SLR to good use. both ladies had very different aesthetic inspirations, lia wanting a more freida khalo-esque vibe, and adrienne a bohemian/cool, and at times silent film star quality. i think we succeeded in referencing these, while avoiding costume-y looks. there are many different looks, but these shots were my favorite. i love lia's smile and would give anything for adrienne's hair!i've also been designing my website, caught a couple of colds, went snowing for new years... on top of all this, my friend ali and i are renting a garage-turned-studio to open a sewing workshop and store. that's the wonderful ali below, showing her wonder in our wonderful studio.