Tuesday, November 30, 2010

va va violet

i bought some new lipstick at target the other day, and since i'm sick i thought i'd play makeover. when you're sick, rest and hydration is key. but i can only ingest so much water, so during a feverish burst of energy i grabbed my camera and signed into blogger... anyway, the shade is va-va violet by revlon. it's funny how dark lipsticks just look berry on me, but you get the idea...
i've also been crocheting more necklaces, which now involves crocheted chain. the best chains to use are vintage watch chains, which i work on with a tiny size 6 crochet needle and thin metallic thread. i use the same needle and thread to stitch casings around quartz and jasper stones, and the occasional chandelier crystal...
i'm slowing down, time to retreat to the couch with some emergenC...

Saturday, November 27, 2010


while digging through my ava gardner bio (pretty juicy stuff, i recommend it) i was excited to read a tidbit about rita hayworth being of spanish descent. it wasn't common for hispanic women to become leading ladies, unless they were ready to play a caricature, like carmen miranda.
i excitedly wikipedia-ed rita, aka margarita cansino, and found out she was half spanish and english. cool! i'm spanish, portuguese and swedish... she grew up dancing, family show was called dancing cansinos yada yada... rita dyed her hair red and underwent painful electrolysis to widen her forehead hairline to avoid being typecast. ouch. my excitement turned to a stomach ache. i went on to read what became a sad life riddled with dementia.
i remember watching old movies with my grandma and her telling me their real names (john wayne, born marion morrison). they were molded.
i can't say the industry is any better, but it does comfort me to know latinas like salma hayek and penelope cruz are just as much celebrated as fair maidens like nicole kidman and christina hendricks...

Monday, November 22, 2010

just out of reach of my two open arms...

all saints stanton jacket
j.crew stadium coat
karen walker 'the village' sunglasseschloe darla totecurrently listening to...

Monday, November 15, 2010


does anyone else remember that scene in reality bites when ben stiller is listening to rap in his car? its one of my favorites... anyway... all black design, normally in regards to automobiles, is referred to as "murdered-out," or so i've been told. my own version in bag form, made with all black everything, and probably one of my favorites to date now available at bernhardt handmade (there are a few sales too)...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

giants parade

willie mays (and jon and me) at the giants hero parade...i wore my best orange and black dress.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sartorial galaxy

long skirts are indeed all the rage, and so are galactic prints. the two combined are wicked cool...
the pattern looks insanely simple, and by coincidence i have a similar maxi skirt in my plans of future projects (though the fabric i have set aside is green with roses).
teamo long witch skirt, $170

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

midnight oil

i was commissioned to make a bag for my ex-office. they have a sleek, skinny new overhead projector and needed something equally sexy to tote it around in. so after getting specifications and ideas from my ex-boss at my ex-conference table, i set to work purchasing solely black materials, sketching a design, and cutting a pattern.each piece of vinyl had two pieces of canvas behind it: one for lining, and one for extra weight. i found that the three produced a trapped-air effect that will help cushion the expensive cargo as an alternative to filling the bag with batting.the one section that does have batting is the center divide that separates the speakers from the projector. the metal clasp shown below was taken from a vintage suitcase. i love the logo, though you cannot see it clearly. i like to think it lends the bag a 60s air...though the design looks simple, this took me a little while to create. each side of the bag is surged separately before being attached to each other. there is also a good deal of hand stitching involved, to avoid extra seems. i rarely work with vinyl, but i may rethink that, being that i LOVE how liquid this bag is! slick like oil...
sexy back:

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010

this year having halloween on a sunday, and my home team in the world series made for an exciting weekend. saturday was when the city was in full halloween swing. while hordes of the female population dressed up like slutty____ (insert your chosen noun), i was a gender-bending fur trapper/davy crockett character. it was comfortable and cozy, and fun carrying a self-bloodying knife. then sunday i went to mom and dad's house. while thousands of trick'or'treaters swarmed the neighborhood, the rest of us crowded around the TV to watch the game. let's relive it all through photos!
first up: i was commissioned to make a frozen yogurt costume. specifically, a cultivé frozen yogurt costume. kids these days...paul in his own creation. street fighter/voodoo doctor...?megan was Jem, the robber; lisa a ringmasterkate was pearl, pearl was antoine dodson...
ashley was a mousketeercameron was a city wizard L-R: molly, KJ, quinn, aunt lorine- what a stinker.a wonderful weekend, indeed. GO GIANTS!!!!!