Monday, August 30, 2010

old robe

one way or another, i've settled on the idea of wearing a vintage smoking jacket as a cover-up. i must have seen some velvety smoky rocker parading around in one, or an olsen, but the idea has been lodged in my brain too long to go unnoticed. therefore i set out the other day to find something vintage-y, tattered, silky and over-sized. if you search vintage robes/ smoking jackets on either etsy or ebay, you'll find quite a bit.
a few i considered: after a few days of searching, this striped robe got me all hopped up to bid. i am a nervous bidder, i can't wait for auctions to end, merely to be done with the stress that ruins perfectly good night sleeps. teeth grinding and nail biting aside, i won the auction and have been wearing this thing around the house (and outside too) ever since.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

latest and greatest

she's there in the shop, check her out....

Thursday, August 26, 2010


wine tasting and sewing and living the life of a rock star has prevented me from posting much lately. soon though, once the buzz wears off.currently listening to the doobie brothers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bernhardt handmade

i've opened a new etsy store with a better name, and better attitude. ha. mainly the new name. the items i'll be posting are the bucket bags i've been working diligently to perfect (is one ever really satisfied with one's creations?), and will be selling them at what i feel to be, though no one has to agree, fair prices. each bag was an experiment in some manner, so they will all be unique and special...
a quick note about the name and i'll be done. my grandma used to tell me when i was little that i was named after sarah bernhardt, the french actress, because i was so dramatic. she's quite an interesting character, if you're curious, read up...


band practice, photo shoots, etsy overhauls, park visits, shows, and social security offices have me run down and no good. it feels like my brain is a marshmellow on the path to gettin smore-d. while i nap it back to health, take a gander at these here foxy photos of the kills by david black. they sure did me good...currently listening to the kills midnight boom album...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


at the suffering of my now leathery man hands, i've created a few bucket bags that i'm genuinely proud of. the right tension on the drawstring, the right amount of studs/grommets, the right length of handle... though i'm still refining the pattern, 'wonder woman' or 'majorette' is my favorite, until she's replaced by the next creation. now i know what motherhood feels like...
the whole horny gang. i want to start posting these back onto my much-neglected etsy store.i bought this leather at discount fabrics on 11th- it reminds me of a keith haring print. i also saw a magenta version with electric blue shapes that is beckoning me back...this slimy reptilian bag is made of real leather, and has leather tassels, which were quite easy to make. sidenote: ironing the soft, suede side of leather makes it flat! test it out with a low temperature first...on to the next batch...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

sewing projects

i finished my tea dress, and decided the sleeves are a no-go. instead, i rolled the edges and hand-stitched them in place. i'm going to come clean and admit the inspiration was karen elson. her sweet, haunting vintage frocks always look wonderful and i'll be damned if she didn't inspire me to be more girly.
next on the horizon, aside from fine-tuning my bucket-bag pattern, is turning this hand me down hippy gown into a high-waisted skirt, and making some sort of hooded garment from this crimson velvet...
latest purchase: dried'n'dyed bouquet from fantastico's, a real san francisco gem if you're planning a party or in the market for 50cent plastic jesus', my little pony pinatas, or dried flowers...
currently and forever listening to the white stripes...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

red, yellow, and blue

i've been fortunate and spoiled enough to be whisked away to a beach house for a week with my kin. baking my limbs, jumping into the chilly surf, and thawing in a hot tub can be exhausting on one's psyche. thus, we desperately occupy ourselves with crafts to break up the monotony. the most treacherous craft this year, after capture the spear, was tie-dying. after watching the tutorial video, we set to work re-creating the designs on our own..
dad scrutinizing the quality of organic free-range kosher cotton.
i had purchased a white button-up for the occasion, an attempt to re-create the proenza schouler surf look. people were dribbling blue and squirting red every which way: swirls, bulls-eyes, wave patterns. we turned into feuding chromatic tribes. it was an ugly scene, but we managed to get the job done. redemption came when we unrolled the suckers 24 hours later:our tribe, now at peace:
until next time, your raggedy beach bum, sarah.