Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite things

movie still and photo of grandpa johnson with rocks and shells;
cameron's painting over our garage sale chair and my piano shawl;
thrift store hat and dyed silk;
's' earrings from ashley;
pom-poms made by mom and aunties;
vintage yellow dress;
black beaded tassel necklace by me...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


i love wunderkind, i feel a kindred spirit in wolfgang joop (what a name), his mash-up collections contain every reference that runs through my head when starting a project: vintage, rock, 70s, feminine, mascualine, nature, modern... no surprise then that i find the fall/winter clothes so enchanting... and get a load of the faced and furry shoes.i want to make a vest/jacket like this, with the fringe and buckle.currently listening to ty segall....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

miu miu

because sometimes you just have to acknowledge good design.

Monday, June 21, 2010


one of my favorite photos of dad, on the left. he and tom as hell's angels and their friend as a biker mama. happy father's day papito...

Monday, June 14, 2010

my wedding

the day was such a blur, thank god for the photos because i can't believe it already happened. miraculously everything went according to plan! there was no hitch in my hitching. the momentary freak out was how my bangs made me look like a kindergartner, but in the end i loved them! there are so many handmade elements in the wedding, so many personal touches. i've tried to include photos of all the details and blurbs about them. my dress, my bridal purse, and the feather clips in my hair are what i made.
my jefferey campbell shoes.
my bridal purse. i was working on this up until the very last minute, and didn't get as far as i would have liked to. the flowers are the same material as the ones on my dress, sans feathers...rebecca getting her hair did.megan getting it done.i loved all the succulents and lamb's ear tucked in the bouquets. the guys had succulents as their boutonnieres as well.. B-maids!amy! megan! rebecca! val! carly! foxiest posse there ever did be.a little help from my friends. this dress took me over 30 hours to make, much of that time was spent on making the shoulder piece. the flowers were cut out of chiffon, and layered about 24/flower, with feathers tucked between layers. there were 7 flowers...
my ride.the guys. the cones on the ends of the pews were rolled with love by my aunties and my mom. they are made from antique sheet music that belonged to my grandma, who's portrait is hanging behind me in the first picture.
dad.flower girls.
donovan.new husband paul. hehemom and dad.blasphemy.my gorgeous wedding party. the florist was amazing (katherine from cherries), she didn't think any of my ideas were silly, and worked hard to make them happen. i like to think she had fun too, the flowers were one of my favorite parts. this is a sewing mannequin, i thought it would be cool to be on the table in the foyer with flowers draped around it.first dance: bon iver's flume, sung to us by friends jason and adrienne...dad chose the beach boy's warmth of the sunthe bouquet toss...bro-outlaws.obviously fueled by lady gaga.magnolia photobooth company set up shop in our cocktail lounge area, and served as our party favor machine. they are AWESOME, they come with fun accouterments, an attendant, and print the photos lightning fast. i don't think people knew these would also be posted on the internets...
i can't believe it's over! wham, bam, thank you m'am! now i need a major project to direct all this organizational zest towards...
photos: most by guru khalsa, some by ashley, a few by me