Tuesday, April 28, 2009

delayed monday reaction

have you ever felt you had a 'kick me' sign on your back? i feel as though one's been pinned on me for a month or so, medically speaking. i chopped off a healthy piece of finger tip while trimming boards for a work presentation, and recently i was the lucky recipient of mango mouth. its not a new lip gloss, but an allergic reaction to the sap in the skin of mangoes, not unlike my reaction to poison oak. in fact they're related guys, so if you're wildly allergic to one, you are to the other. this weekend i went from weird cold-sore to angelina botox mouth, but i am fine now. waahhhh! things could be worse.
in addition to these freak happenings, my allergies have been ridiculous, knocking me
out of any creative flow i normally manage to dip my toe in.
HOWEVER! tonight i am on a mission: work on a floral sun dress, even if it just means cutting out the pattern. i've had one in mind, but the top keeps changing. i wanted to play with strappy, but i've had flashes of criss-cross straps and boat necks...

my movie du jour (i have to have one on when i am playing with my manequin) will be the last picture show, if you havent seen it, check it out, small town angsty teen texans, a young jeff bridges, need i say mooooore?

Friday, April 24, 2009

W magazine scan

inez van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin have done some stellar spreads lately, particualry with lara stone. this one left me gawking. the clothes are so lavish (velvet, lace, silk) they put me to shame in my chambray shirt and cotton pants. i think i've let myself go just a bit from riding my bike so much (its either ride in heels or add them to the burden of your backpack, ech). it leaves me wanting to go home and play dress up...
because of W's stature, and the small size of my scanner, here are some cropped images from the spread, sorry.
its an interesting shoot, with the tropical background, its like belle du jour on vacay. anyhow, happy friday!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

salvation army

it will be a sorry day when i leave my hometown salvation army empty-handed. i have a perfect record, coming home with santa-size sacks every time. normally i'm lazy about posting my acquisitions, there's just too much. however, yesterday a burst of effort had me change into 5 outfits to show my new blouses and coat... in no particular order:
seducta brand suede shoes with mini heel. the plastic 3-D busts are held on with a sole grommet. AMAZING. not sure how to rock these, maybe a simple black dress, or jeans and ordinary tee....i went nuts with blouses, which is fine, i haven't updated that portion of my closet for awhile, plus i think paul's a little tired of me raiding his...
(clockwise from top left: london fog denim shirt; black & white printed rayon shirt; black polyester shawl-neck blouse; blue leopard print high-necked blouse with 5-button sleeves)
my fave: a vintage tahari jacket in cobalt blue, with admiral-like button decor...

Monday, April 20, 2009

pixie market

i'm always thrilled when someone in the know tells me of a link, specifically an online store, to check out. the latest and greatest: pixie market. i went on there and loved everything! the sole bummer was that the few select pieces i would consider buying were already sold out. guess the site's not really a secret...
top: wispa cut-out dress; bottom: julius blazer
yippee ankle boot

Friday, April 17, 2009

fambly portrait friday

i had wanted to do an outfit post of what i wore yesterday because i felt super efficient, detail-oriented, multi-tasking and reliable. it turned into an old-fashioned type portrait with paul, the bread-winner seated with loyal family pet gail giraffe, and me the devoted woman standing admiringly in the back. it was a lot of fun, though you cant tell, i was trying really hard not to laugh...
blouse, complete with slim bow-tie, is vintage. as is the belt.
the skirt my mom MADE, and the boots on sale at UO. gail giraffe made by me!

a wonderful weekend to all!!
xo s

Thursday, April 16, 2009

fleet foxes, revisited

they were magnificent, transitioning from acoustic solo to full-range band complete with mandolin and organ with the greatest of ease...a blurry idea of what i wore: polka dot blouse and linen pencil skirt both sewn by me, aa tights, durango shoes; the inevitable concert tee

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fleet foxes

tonight, at the palace of fine arts...
i am still deciding on my outfit. boots & dress? but its cold and blustery. but the show is inside. but bussing to and from may be cold... why am i still compromising with winter weather in april?
(above: 2 of the foxes at treasure island music fest '08, which i attended, and cant wait for this year's line-up! anyone else...?), image found on flickr

Monday, April 13, 2009


wunderkind has been one of my favorite labels as of late, and after finally seeing the F'09 i think i'm a devoted fan. it's mystical, indigenous, western: perfect to me, though it did not get a very good review. i love all the neutrals mixed with brights; either all out or just a pinch of color...
photos from style.com; layouts by me...
their clothes remind me of a film i just saw, the fall. paul rented it specifically because the costume designer eiko ishioka also did bram stoker's dracula. the film is beautiful and magical, almost like a wizard of oz, if you ask me, paralleling reality with fantasy and certainly worth slinging in the ol' netflix que. i will probably purchase my own copy in the near future...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

micro climates of san francisco

i wore this ensemble monday. it was a little cold on the roof, but as you can see the moon was rising, and the day itself was beautiful. since then, its been raining. at least i crammed one good spring outfit in...
thrifted dress, vintage belt, ebay boots, UO necklace...
i'm also doing a bit of spring cleaning. which means analyzing my latest crafts and seeing what i can part with and posting it on etsy. i've decided to post my anjelica huston steve zissou necklace on there. i'm okay with this, i think, because i
know i can make more....so in hopes of a few more degrees, i leave you with this photo i took on my walk the other morning...

Monday, April 6, 2009

fair weekend weather friend

this weekend was glorious, weather and company included. sunday i went to the alameda antique fair and ran into relatives and friends alike. so much to oggle, not necessarily wallet friendly though... i did however grab a black purse for $8 (feels like lizard? eesh not sure) the silver buckles are what makes it for me. consumed my weight in kettle corn and got a little burnt, but really the perfect sunday...
this dress was probably the most regretted leave-behind. though the 'flame-retarded' suit was quite tempting....my new $8 purse. the inside is perfect. i love the zig-zag detailing on the pocket...AND MY NEW BIKE!!! i rode her today to work (a 15 minute ride as opposed to my 45-minute walk) she is a men's free spirit and her name is brittany, written in gold on her side there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

happy friday!

hopefully i will have some photos of a new bike to post real soon. i'm going to view one tomorrow that's an electric blue mens road bike... fingers crossed craigslist photos were accurate and i fall madly in love with it.
found on ffffound....
xo s

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

wait a minute.. dick york, dick sargeant... sargeant york..?

you know when you put two and two together on something that NOBODY else is relatively as amused about as you are? well listen up: so i was watching pete & pete season 2, and i started IMDB-ing the cast because there are a few awesome randoms thrown in there (iggy pop, sam rockwell, steve buscemi) and i realized that artie, the strongest man in the world (played by the stellar toby huss) is none other than stumpy, the lovable father of the burlesque family on my long lost carnivale! anyone else blown away by this? no? yea....
p.s. magnetic fields, whom i also very much like, had a few songs in the pete & pete library.